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The Expat Guide To Thrive Abroad

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Have you got my EXPAT GUIDE yet?

You’re wondering: WHAT IS AN EXPAT GUIDE? It is curated expat content including expat top tips, best advice, lessons learnt by expats to expats worldwide.

Watch my new video where I explain why I created it and how you can benefit from it.

I you haven’t downloaded it yet, HURRY before the free supplies run out :-)


What readers say about my Expat Guide "THRIVE":

Hi Lucyna, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such a beautifully put together guide. I will most definitely be in touch should I need coaching through my transition when relocating. Keep up the good work.

I loved your book and found it very informative. It will be my life line when I move.

After totally more than 10 years abroad in three new countries, I wish I had had your guide from the start.

Your book is really good, well written and documented, great job, bravo! I have found many useful points and supporting thoughts there.

The expat guide is really good, great job! Many wise words and I feel the same way as you describe.

I really enjoyed reading the Expat Guide and I could relate so much!

Your book was great! Loved it!


Are you an expat yourself? Feeling a bit stuck about your next step? You're getting by although what you really want is THRIVE? I will get you unstuck and moving in the right direction with the right mindset for the right reasons.

And don’t take my word for it - I have been unlocking people’s potential for the last 15 years as a coach, corporate trainer and talent manager.

Don’t suffer in silence! Come forward and let us unlock your potential as an expat to thrive wherever you are. You can belong anywhere with my Expat Coaching.

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