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What every expat should know to thrive abroad

I'm a Performance Coach working predominantly with expats, supporting them in their important transitions and decision so that they can focus on what matters most to them.

​​ A survey I have conducted among expats confirmed that living abroad will change your life forever, it will open your mind to new horizons and it will be the best lesson about the world and yourself! Exciting as it is, expat life does not come without challenges. Feeling confused and out of place can be emotionally draining. Striving to belong but not knowing which way is home. I know this feeling too well as I have been an expat for 20 years.

Join me for a super interesting chat with Jenna Davies from if you are thinking of moving abroad or are already living abroad and want to make the best out of your stay, leveraging your unique abilities.

There may be a lot of paperwork and preparation when it comes to preparing for your big move to, but the legalities behind it all aren't the only thing you need to be thinking about. How about actually making sure you're mentally prepared for the big move?

There are some crucial questions you need to ask yourself before making that big move and I'll answer those for you.

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