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Why do I do what I do...

You turn to a coach to do what exactly...?

When I lived in France I was frequently asked:

"What do you do for a living?"

I'm a coach, I'd say.

"A coach? Like a sports coach?"

It can be sports if becoming fitter, regaining energy or training for a race is one of your goals, but that’s not what I mainly do...

"So what DO you do? Are you a life coach?"

How do you mean?, it was my turn to ask.

"Well, do you help people with their life problems?"

Yes and no.

Yes, when there is a challenge or a hurdle, whether they've lost their passion for work, suffer from low energy levels or struggle in their relationships. When they feel stuck and lost their sense of direction and meaning.

No because some don't really have a burning issue or an urgent pain. They are high- achievers with a clear vision, thus want to live their potential and continue reaching higher. This is why they turn to a coach, to accompany them and keep them accountable.

"So you're a business coach, too?"

Business, work, career are all part of our life, so you can't separate them as life and business are intertwined.

"I see, and what do you have to study to be a coach?"

Many things. You don't become a coach overnight. I have a certification in systemic coaching, BA in education, MA in intercultural business communication, an accreditation in performance consulting.

"Ah, okay, now it makes sense."


*** And what is YOUR question? ***

Why Coaching among so many other development programmes?

It is empowering and effective as you learn how to help yourself by tapping into your own creativity and skills.

Coaching works. Everyone would welcome some help if they knew it is so transformational, accessible and easy to apply. If you are hungry for life and open to really unleashing your potential becoming a better version of yourself every day, you will certainly enjoy coaching.

What can expect from coaching?

Coaching is about growth so if you want to better yourself, coaching will equip you with tools to create structures you can rely on.

If you lack clarity about what you need to feel happy and successful, coaching will give you the energy and motivation to manage your personal and professional challenges more effectively and lead a more fulfilling life.

"Lucy makes every interaction an enlightening discovery about yourself and your best ability."

If you want to invest in yourself and discover what life has in store for you, treat yourself to a gift of reflection and insightful aha moments! They will allow you to see the route that is laid out for you and from there it is smooth sailing.

When to give coaching a try...

If you are seeking a change or need to make an important decision

If you need support when going through major challenge

If you are at a crossroads in your life and are uncertain about the next step

If you are in a state of transition and look for a new direction

If you want to set new goals

If you want to accomplish your goals in a more effective and efficient way

If you you want to maximise your potential in life

If you want to consider or re-assess your options

If you feel a dissonance in your lives ("something does not feel right")

Take inspired action

Coaching can be applied to enhance any area of your life. Whether you are looking to improve your finances, your career, your health, your relationships, or even just the way you feel every day, coaching will make a key to real, lasting change in your life.

If you are seeking more meaning, harmony, joy and success in your life, let's have a chat!

Feel free to email me on or book your complimentary session here:

Let’s start your transformational journey today. You have everything to gain, starting by “an insightful and fun session with an inspiring, authentic and dedicated Coach who has the ability to address matters from different angles resulting in great clarity", say my Clients.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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