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The Power of coaching

Welcome to Coaching where we focus on the here and now while working towards where you want to be. What direction do you want your life to take? If you like learning and are hungry for life, Coaching will awaken an unstoppable force for change, mastery and self-actualisation.  


I am a certified Coach, passionate about people and their development. It is my mission to bring out your talents to unleash your full potential. Let’s start your transformational journey today. You have everything to gain, starting by “an insightful and fun session with an inspiring, authentic and dedicated Coach who has the ability to address matters from different angles resulting in great clarity”, say my Clients. 

I am looking forward to meeting you!


The essence of coaching

Coaching is about continuous self-improvement, personal and professional development, big or small progress towards the life you want to shape for yourself. And progress equals happiness.

By focusing on the present and future, coaching is a dynamic and action-oriented trajectory for your growth. You feel empowered to create tangible strategies to achieve more meaning, joy and success in your life.

Partnering with me, you will get ultimate tools and expert guidance to keep you on track. I will instill drive in you to pursue your goals and hold you accountable while championing your success along the way.

"Lucy has a natural Talent"

Outi - Germany

Lucy has a natural talent to interact with people. Her pleasant and clear communication style makes the interaction very uncomplicated and easy. Sessions with Lucy quickly bring clarity to the matter at hand, and her ability to address the matter from different angles is very helpful when dealing with complex issues. I would recommend Lucy to anyone who has a complicated matter in private or professional life, or just would like to get better focus for the future planning. In addition, that Lucy offers her coaching in so many different languages enables her clients to find the most suitable language to communicate.

Be the architect of your life

Take Action

The power you seek is within you. Coaching will give you clarity and fresh perspective to identify the areas of your life where you can make a lasting change 

Take Action

Set clear goals, identify opportunities and break through limiting beliefs. Tap into your own resources and make new choices

Become Self-Aware

 Cultivate a growth mindset and learn to change your patterns. It is indeed possible to not only manage but thrive

Be The Best You

WHAt Great coaching looks like


A trustful partnership beginning by an open conversation

Focused on clarifying expectations and articulating goals


Supported by thought-provoking questions

Generating clarity and empowerment


Leading to finding the direction

To unlocking your full potential

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