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One size does not

fit all


Cultural, cross-cultural, multicultural... We are all in an intercultural context in one way or another. We are surrounded by people of different origins and backgrounds more and more, be it at home, in our neighbourhood or at work. When well managed, diversity offers unique opportunities and can add enormous richness to our lives. While it might not always pose a challenge, it can certainly leave us perplexed as to how to best navigate and leverage the complex differences in how people think, communicate, lead and get things done across cultures.

Intercultural coaching will provide you with a culture map to decode people's values, belief systems, unwritten rules, communication styles, expectations and approaches to work. It helps those who, living in a multicultural context, seek to understand, improve, cultivate and successfully manage personal and professional relations, not only embracing the differences but taking full advantage of them.


If you would like to set yourself up for success and maximise on your intercultural interactions, try my individualised coaching support tailored to your specific needs, whether it is a business trip or a holiday abroad, relocating to foreign country or settling back home after a stint abroad. 

If you are experiencing issues and challenges in your couple or your workplace, you will gain greater awareness why the differences arise and how to better handle them so that you can avoid awkward situations, misunderstandings, frustrations and turn them into a source of valuable learnings about the world and yourself.

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Living in a cultural mosaic

You live in a multicultural environment, be it your home, neighbourhood, town, workplace, and find it challenging to manage the intercultural context? Let's discover how to open up to the different influences to make the best out of them. 

Image by Caroline Selfors

Travelling abroad

Let's set you up for success on your next stay abroad. Gain expert cultural insights on doing successful business ensuring you close that deal. Avoid embarrassment and frustrations and fully enjoy your next holiday, acknowledging the locals and connecting with them, even for a lifetime.

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Managing across cultures

A diverse workforce can be a competitive advantage, but only when your people are armed with the right tools to understand cultural perspectives and expectations in terms of communication, hierarchy, trust, time, persuasion, decision making, trust, feedback. 

Similing Team

Intercultural relationships

Interpersonal relationships can be especially challenging if our partner is from a different background. Explore the cultural differences so that they become a source of love rather than disagreements. Manage expectations, learn not only the foreign language but your partner’s love language too.

Couple Looking Down

Moving abroad or back home?

You're an expatriate or an exchange student feeling alienated and misunderstood and look to integrate into your new home country, embracing all it's got to offer? Or maybe you returned home after a long spell of work abroad and suffer from a reverse culture shock? 

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Navigating cultural differences

Discover how cultural orientations towards, relationships, communication, risk-taking, power, gender roles, time, work etc. can be a source of opportunities and synergies rather than false assumptions, harsh judgements and serious misunderstandings. 

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Sonia, France

“What makes Lucyna special as a coach is her capacity for empathy and to make me feel confident and my ideas valued! This is why I could make the most of her coachings!” 

Jette, Denmark

"I contacted Lucy when I was feeling stressed and needed help to form an overview of several life choices. With her positive and holistic approach, Lucy provided guidance, support and tools so that I could navigate in the right direction. I can only highly recommend Lucy as a coach to anyone who feels they need help finding their way."

I am passionate about developing cultural intelligence to leverage cultural differences. I hold a Master's degree in Cross-Cultural Communication for International Business from London University and I lectured Intercultural Communication at the University of Technology in Brunswick, Germany.


In my work as an International Trainer I facilitated and fostered the intercultural exchange and dialogue in each and every training I imparted to participants in Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Asia and Australia. I learnt that while you cannot know the fine details of every culture of every person you encounter, you can adopt a mindset of open-mindedness, curiosity and respect.


If you, on the other hand, take your intercultural context for granted or neglect it, you risk making hasty judgements, harbouring preconceived ideas or even bias and prejudice. Only when you consciously and actively appreciate your intercultural circumstances, can you effectively adapt across cultures as one size does not fit all.


Having lived in 6 different countries myself, I can attest that if you open up to otherness and welcome diversity into your life, you enrich yourself and create unparalleled opportunities. I am looking forward to getting you excited about tapping into your intercultural framework so that you truly thrive in it.

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