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Most of us know what to do, but do not take the actions to follow through on our goals. From olympic athletes to business and political leaders, the best of the best have a coach. Why? Because Coaching provides a safe and encouraging space to define how you would like to improve your life, creating goals that are positive, forward thinking and inspiring. Coaching will empower you with the focus, insight and accountability you need to achieve and sustain the success and happiness you crave.

I will bring in my intercultural competencies and international experience gathered across various industries, and help you make friends with ambiguity and embrace change so you can live up to your aspirations. Throughout your journey, I will foster a winning mindset and ask probing questions to drive you to make the best choices, not only in your career but also in your personal life. I will challenge you to help yourself and become more resourceful with the strengths and skills you already possess. With each session you will become more self-aware, learning to choose the way forward yourself rather than being told what to do. If you have the desire to live every day with purpose and intention, Coaching is for you.

A trustful partnership beginning by an open conversation

Focused on clarifying expectations and articulating goals

Supported by powerful questions

Generating clarity and empowerment

To unlocking your full potential

Leading to finding the direction

WHAt to expect from coaching


In this digital age, location has no boundary so Coaching can take place online, whenever you want and wherever you are. From the comfort of your living room, garden or patio where you feel most at ease to open up and share. For your convenience via Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger and in the language that is easiest to express yourself in: English, Spanish, German, Polish or French. No travel required, no parking necessary… You optimise time and money and focus on what matters most: living an extraordinary life!

What can i help you with?

  • Life Coaching

    Available Online

    Life coaching empowers you to take charge of any area of your personal life that you want to enhance e.g. self-esteem and confidence, resilience, time management, communication and relationships etc. Because coaching helps you to help yourself, you will soon be able to take control of the matter at hand yourself. Once you have learnt how to tap into your own resources, simply trusting yourself that you can not only manage but thrive, you will experience a lifetime of infinite possibilities.

  • Business Coaching

    Available Online

    Business coaching is addressed at anyone who is eager to better their career and professional life.  Whether it’s supporting decision making, instilling assertiveness and resilience, boosting team performance or refining stakeholder management, business coaching will assist you in gaining clarity about the ‘as is’ and the viable options to attain the ‘to be’. If you want to increase your job satisfaction, perform better at work and do what you do with passion, coaching will help you master your different roles as an employee, colleague, manager, leader.

  • Intercultural Coaching

    Available Online

    Intercultural Coaching integrates the cultural dimension into the process of coaching. In the era of international business and mobility, interactions between people are also interactions between cultures. Intercultural coaching will not only help you navigate the cross-cultural relationships with your partner, manager, colleagues and friends but it will also leverage their intricacies and help you see beyond the confines of your own cultural values and beliefs.

  • Styling & Image

    Available Online

    If you would like to know how to bring out the best in your appearance, maximise on your natural beauty and gain more awareness about how to transmit the right image for the right occasion, this type of Coaching is for you. Style and image are a form of personal expression that is unique to every individual. Styling coaching provides a form of personal empowerment that will help match the personally polished look on the outside with the confidence on the inside.

-THE business case for coaching

Is it worth it? Without a doubt! Coaching will change your life, for the better. But why Coaching amongst so many other self-development programmes? Because it works. Everyone would welcome some help if they knew it is so transformational, accessible and easy to apply. It is empowering and effective as you learn how to help yourself by tapping into your own creativity and skills. It can be applied to enhance any area of your life. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, your relationships, your career or even just the way you feel every day, coaching will make a real, lasting change in your life. If you are hungry for life and open to really unleashing your potential, becoming a better version of yourself every day, you will certainly enjoy and benefit from coaching. 


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“Without action, knowledge is useless, and knowledge without action is futile” 

Larissa, Senior Consultant 

"I have always seen Lucy as a person of trust and can highly recommend her, not only as a Performance Coach but also a motivational and inspiring life Coach. She has a way of being very honest without crossing personal boundaries, which helps to analyse situations and feelings from a new perspective and gain great value from that."

Nayol, Midwifery Lead

"I would highly recommend Lucyna as a coach. She makes every interaction an enlightening discover about yourself and your best ability! She is empathetic but professional and committed to helping you achieve your goals. Thank you, Lucyna, for making me feel empowered at every single session!"

Johannes, Business Manager

"Lucy coached my employees and myself in sales. I have always received very good feedback I always went out with new ideas or insights I could use for my daily Business. In her coaching she is open minded, conclusive and is able to adapt herself on different skillsets." 

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