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Business coaching addresses any aspect of your professional life, be it your job, project or entrepreneurial venture that you want to take to the next level. Whether you are looking to improve your communication or presentation skills, optimise time and project management, boost your team’s performance and morale, strengthen your resilience, or increase your customers’ engagement, Coaching will get you there.

Thanks to my broad and diverse range of skills and international expertise acquired through exposure to different industries and roles in Talent Management and Learning & Development, I can assess your unique situation and tailor my coaching to fit your needs ensuring you are getting tangible knowledge that you can apply immediately. I am looking forward to empowering you with personalised, one-to-one guidance to help you go beyond your limits, explore new territories and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

If you are ambitious and hungry for growth, striving for excellence, business coaching is essential to your success.  



Professional Man Holding a Tablet

Management Skills

People don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. If you want to become a better manager able to motivate your team and nurture a relationship based on trust, smart delegation and feedback, you can start your journey today. 

Cheerful Business Meeting

Assertive Communication

No need to resort to aggressive or passive communication style. Choose assertiveness instead and learn how to win your case. Become an excellent negotiator, resilient to stress, confident to make the right decisions, and say 'no' only to find a win-win.

Drawing on a Board

Stakeholder Management

Who are your most important stakeholders? Your boss or colleagues, your team or your customers? Learn to manage their expectations ensuring successful collaboration leading to 

commitment and engagement.

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Emotional Intelligence

Did you know EI matters twice as much as technical expertise? Recognise your emotions and those of others and use this information to adjust your thinking and behaviour. Learn self-regulation, empathy, mirror matching and increase your job performance.

Public Speaker

Personal Branding

Have you got an elevator pitch? Do you know what makes you stand out and what you really excel at? Discover  what constitutes your personal brand, how to create, market and manage it. Make the best of what you're best at!

Image by Tim Gouw

Career Coaching

Exploring your career outlooks? Considering changing jobs, going self-employed, or taking a break? Let me help you drive the application process-CV, cover letter, interview preparation   or guide you in the right direction.


what else can i help with?

If you are looking to broaden other skills that are not mentioned above or you have a special request for yourself, your team or your business, I am keen to discuss it further to customise my offering to your requirement.

I participated in Lucy's leadership and coaching training, which was not only insightful but fun. Lucyna is a personable individual who is always prepared and knows how to quickly read a room. She's flexible in her approach and quick on her feet. I've always enjoyed discussions, debates and learnings as a result of her sessions. More importantly, I remember them and to this day, put them in to practice. I would highly recommend Lucyna to anyone seeking one to one consultation in regards to coaching, or a company in need of an intercultural, dedicated training professional in their team. She doesn't just have a high business acumen, she's great to work with and adds real value to projects and approaches.


Charleen, Senior Marketing Manager, Spain

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