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Fashion can be bought


Fashion can be bought



Fashion is instant language but first impressions may be deceitful. So how can we define looking good, dressing well, having style? Beauty is relative, fashion changes and style is very personal...  How to combine these three to make them play in your favour? 

With my style and image comprehensive services, you will discover how to bring out the best in your natural beauty, which clothes flatter you the most and how to create looks that transmit the image you desire both in your personal and professional life.

Fashion is not necessarily about brands and labels. It is about something else that comes from within you. Clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear. And those hints are important because whatever colour, cut or style you choose, it can impact how others perceive you and how you feel about yourself. Looking good is all about understanding what suits YOU.


Let's not leave your potential to chance and let me help you understand which styles flatter you and why, which clothes and accessories suit your shape, lifestyle, personality and budget, so that you not only look attractive but also feel confident in your skin,  emanating charm and charisma. 



My Services


style & image consultation

Learn how to choose colours, cuts, fabrics, accessories, make-up, hair styles to highlight your natural attributes and best dress for your body shape, lifestyle and personality


Let's ascertain the right look with an appropriate outfit for the occasion, be it an interview, date, wedding etc. so that you shine in and outside

wardrobe analysis

Let's declutter and organise your wardrobe and create ready-to-wear looks to guarantee you look and feel confident

personal shopping

Tired of shopping blunders? Let's shop smartly for what suits and favours you, saving you time and money, and avoiding shopping frustrations

complete metamorphosis

Are you seeking to refresh or transform your look, discover yourself anew and go through a complete make-over? You're in the right hands, let's showcase who you are...


Take advantage of your nonverbal cues, posture, gestures, movements, voice and harmonise them with the image you desire to convey

Ready, Set, Go

You might need a change because your life circumstances have changed: a new job, a new relationship, a new beginning? Or perhaps your wedding or another big day is coming up, an interview, a public appearance, a date? Or maybe you simply want to rebuild your self-esteem to feel comfortable in your skin again, radiating beauty and confidence? Whatever your reason, treat yourself to a gift of self-rediscovery and transmit the quintessential you.

The services are offered on an hourly basis, online or face to face if convenient. I would recommend starting by a discovery session to get to know each other, assess your needs in detail so that I can tailor my offering to you. Once we have agreed how I can best help you, we will begin your transformation. If you want to benefit from more services, pamper yourself with the 5-hour package and take advantage of the price discount. If you prefer to pay as you go, the hourly rate is your best option.

Bring out your beauty

Benefits of working with me

Don't leave your potential to chance, unlock it with me! 

 Obtain professional expert advice and discover what suits you and why

 Use this new knowledge to make lasting changes visible in- and outside

Define your style and express yourself through clothing

Showcase your beauty and unleash your potential

Boost your self-esteem and enjoy your new you

My Passion Your look 

I am a style and image Consultant. My passion for fashion goes back to my childhood when every Sunday I would create looks in my scratch book for the school week to come. Having little resources did not stop me - I trimmed, dyed, sewed, remade my clothes to achieve the look I was after. 

My adventure with fashion continued along my life journey across the globe from New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris, Sydney to Barcelona where I was always curious about what constituted style, what being fashionable consisted in, what made someone look good and confident in their skin.

To satisfy my curiosity and expand my instinctive knowledge of fashion, I completed a master’s degree at Image Consultancy in Barcelona. I was amazed to explore the fascinating world behind the geometry of our faces, the dynamism of our silhouettes, the dance of our facial expressions and gestures, the melody of our voices.

Most importantly, however, I came to realise that style and image must not be left to chance. Everything from our body language, appearance, clothes to music we listen to or the perfume we wear speaks volume about who we are. 

Whatever message you want to convey, be it seriousness, accessibility, trustworthiness, sensuality or dynamism, let me show you how to highlight your personality through your image, leveraging your natural qualities.




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