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Life Coaching 

Coaching is an objective guidance and professional help with an aspect of your life you seek to change, improve or simply gain clarity and fresh perspective on. Whether you are facing a major challenge, or find yourself at a crossroads and are uncertain about the next step, life coaching will equip you with tools to create structures you can rely on. You might be in a state of transition and need to make a decision or change direction. You want to have goals again, set new ones or accomplish the old ones. If something doesn't feel right and you sense a dissonance in your life, Coaching will give your life a new meaningWe will first explore the current 'state of affairs', the possibilities available to you and the way forward. The goal of each session is for you to leave with clear action points that will bring you closer to your expected result. The thought-provoking questions that are at the core of Coaching will stimulate reflection, create self-awareness about the blockages that prevent you from unlocking your true potential, the obstacles that get in the way of reaching your goals, the limiting beliefs that stop you from aiming higher.

The role of your Coach is to guide you, accompany you, help you help yourself to find the answers and resources you already have, not impose their own. Due to my international path, I have gone through numerous transitions myself; thus can relate to your goals and challenges. I will facilitate your self-discovery while you become more centred, and most importantly excited about doing the next step. Your life and its direction are your responsibility and your privilege. What do you want your future to look like?


“Lucy is professional and shows kindness and empathy in a way that makes you feel comfortable from the first minute. The coaching was personalised and so enlightening that it left me craving for more” - Amy, United Kingdom

What aspect Of life can i help you with?

Reach the Top

You want to feel good in your body but lack guidance and motivation? I'll help you instil healthy habits that stick. Your nutrition, fitness, sleep, energy levels will soon see better days.

Image by Ben White

Stress, negative thoughts, sadness, anxiety are all part of our lives. I'll help you make peace with your past and confront your blockages and limiting beliefs so you can flourish.

Image by Allef Vinicius

Overwhelmed by the hassle and bustle of your busy life? Seeking better focus to connect with yourself and find purpose and grace? Mindfulness, gratitude and compassion work wonders.

Image by Emma Peneder

Recognising and regulating your emotions is a skill. Learn with me how to choose your thoughts and influence your mood, attitude and behaviour. Enjoy an abundance of joy and self-love.

Image by Alexandra Kirr

Is moving forward important to you? Let's declutter your life, fight procrastination, tackle something on your to-do list, learn to manage your time so that you can fill your days with life.

Image by Matheus Ferrero

We are all social beings and relationships nurture us but they need care too. Let's facilitate how you connect and relate to others so that you can foster meaningful relationships you thrive in.

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"During the coaching we revisited my life priorities and explored decision-making patterns. One of the benefits of coaching by Lucy was learning the techniques to distance myself from negative thoughts and adopt a more constructive approach to navigate various situations. I could better unwind and regain my energy. Coaching by Lucy also helped me to achieve one of my important personal goals I had previously procrastinated for a couple of years. Lucy also recommended me some good reads and resources. She is a very amiable and empathetic person and it was a pleasure to work with her."

Marta, Germany

"The spirit of a man is constructed out of his choices"
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