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Digital Nomads, who are they?

Digital nomads, expats, remote workers, travellers...

Whatever they call themselves, they made a choice to work location independent.

Yes, indeed! It is possible! It comes with its glory and its challenges, for sure.

But if you are curious about this lifestyle, I'm sure you would have enjoyed The Digital Nomad Summit!

What an amazing event it has been, Siobhan Farr, the spark organiser!!!

The Digital Nomads Beyond 50 Summit has proven to be a huge success and I'm honoured to have been part of this INSPIRATIONAL NOMAD CONFERENCE with other awesome panelists who covered over 25 topics in a conversational Q&A manner.

I covered all things related to adapting to life abroad, staying focused and accountable, finding meaning and purpose and THRIVING in all the uncertainty and ambiguity to set oneself up for success on the digital nomad or expat journey!

You'll find a sneak peek into my session below:

Come with questions, leave with answer

If you're curious about the digital nomad or expat lifestyle, but have some questions, doubts, reservations, contact me at or book your complimentary session to discuss your circumstances and your next destination, be it literally or figuratively :-)

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