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Is Barcelona calling me, again?

My feature in Barcelona Metropolitan

On my 40th birthday Barcelona Metropolitan featured my article. What a nice surprise!

I’m hoping to be able to go back to Barcelona soon and revisit all the places where so many meaningful things had their beginning…

What you will find in the article? My story, my winding path of 20 years abroad, living in 6 countries and working in 25 countries across 4 continents in 5 languages and many more twists and turns. Enjoy the full article here and learn more about:

  • Why I always liked questions

  • Why I don’t regret not having done my PhD

  • How a-year stay in the US turned into a 20-year expat adventure

  • Why I got to ride a Harley-Davidson

  • What coaching is and what it isn’t

  • How one phone call changed the course of my life

  • What happened in Barcelona one Friday evening

  • When grieving abroad is too difficult

  • Who are actually the people I coach and what are their ‘problems’

  • When you don’t wait for the ‘when I retire’, but actually do it now

My article was published during the #Barcelona Working Women Week, that was obviously packed with mentors, advisors, therapists, networkers, engineers and doctors. But as #VictorHorcasitas at #BarcelonaMetropolitan says even the most accomplished professionals can still use some #coaching to sharpen their skills, discover some blind spots and exercise their intellectual muscles and make more money!

If that resonates with you, feel free to reach out on

Happy reading!

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