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If not coaching, then what would I do in life?

If I weren’t a coach, I would be a recruiter...

Like @Fabio D'Ostilio says, both change people’s lives in a positive way. Both are about improving your career and through it, your life in general. Both have at their core working to your strengths.

As some of you might know, I spent 7 years working in recruitment. In two international recruitment firms. Not as a recruiter though, but with recruiters. With the rookies, senior consultants, team leaders, business managers and directors.

As a Learning and Development Consultant, I helped them learn and develop so that they gained awareness of their strengths and unlocked their full potential. like in @Arik’s case to become the best of the best (see his testimony below).

As a Talent Development Manager, I worked at the back office of a Barcelona-based recruitment company across Marketing, Finance, IT and HR to leverage the talent of my colleagues because as @Alexandre so rightly points out I am passionate about making others develop.

If I weren’t a coach, I would be a recruiter or a headhunter or I can could coach recruiters...

And that’s what I do now. I coach recruiters, headhunters, recruitment business owners.


Because I literally love to see them achieve what they are so capable of but maybe didn’t believe in or weren’t sure of at first

How do I help them? Like @Hendrik says I'm supporting business owners to gain clarity when they want to start a new venture or improve an existing one, overcome difficulties in their business and scale, set relevant and exciting objectives, set a plan and execute it with enthusiasm and courage.

If you're a recruiter or a headhunter, working for an agency or have your own recruitment business, let's have a chat to see how to take your performance and results to the next level.

I can assure you that if you unlock your full potential and work to your strengths, you'll be surprised to see what becomes possible to you.

Book your Discovery call and let's shape your dream reality:

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