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When unlocking potential means nothing to some and the world to others...

Updated: May 27, 2021

Coaching for Expats? Why?

You have been asking me what expat coaching is really about. What does it include? Who is it for? Who are the people that I work with? And what results do they achieve? What type of coaching is it? Is it career oriented or does it cover other areas of life?

Let me start with the name of the expat coaching program.

I called the expat coaching program THRIVE because the people I work with want to achieve exactly that - they want to thrive, grow, develop, flourish and succeed

And they want it across all the areas of life: in their careers, relationships, health, family and friends. Instead of surviving, getting by, letting life happen to them they want to thrive, live their life to the fullest and be in the driver’s seat of their life.

Who are they? They are men and women living abroad or considering moving to a foreign country or move move back.They are professionals from all walks of life, across different countries, professions, ages. Actually they couldn't be a more diverse group. They are teachers, medical doctors, engineers, business owners, diplomats, PAs, coaches, entrepreneurs who have one goal in common: to make the best out of this one life and unlock their true potential.

Unleash your full potential

What does it depend on when UNLOCKING POTENTIAL means nothing to some and the world to others?

“How exactly do you empower high-achieving expats?” 🧐

A male expat from Italy living in Portugal asked me this question and I explained eagerly, after which he answered: “that sounds like a good number of words that mean absolutely nothing, in my country they call it "fried air". 😏

That very same day I received an amazing testimonial from one of my clients, Roberto, also a male expat from Italy, but living in the Netherlands, who's committed to exploring his full potential to thrive… 🤩🥳

While some call unlocking their potential “hot air”, some others “dance on air” to unlock theirs. 🕺💃

What would ‘unlocking your potential’ mean to you? 😁 (You might start dancing and that’s ok :-)

Watch Roberto's testimony of how coaching has helped him explore his potential!

You can be next! Book your Free Coaching Discovery Session and see what life has in store for you!

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