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But is it the right thing to do?

When the fear of making the wrong decision is keeping you stuck...

“But is it the right thing to do?" . . . . I mean I need to do something I think I feel stuck I feel I’m not using my talents I’m not growing No progress


I’m super motivated I’m creative If I don't do anything, things will sort themselves out somehow


But why not take control of my life instead of letting it pass me by? Why not be in the driver’s seat of my life if I can? The sky's the limit, Lucy, so why not take action? The earlier, the better, right?


But how to find that thing that suits me? People are celebrating their successes left and right on IG But how to overcome the FOMO and focus on what me, myself and I want to do in life? How do I decide what MY next step is, In the jungle of options, overwhelmed by TMI?




And what if it is not the right choice? What if I regret my decision?”


And what if the fear of making the wrong decision is keeping you stuck?

And what if indecision is your decision?

And what if you decide to decide?


What if you decided to take control of your life today and define what success and happiness look like to you?

You can do it with me during a 30-min coaching chat, free and non-binding discovery of what you have but don't want and what you want but don't have...

Can't wait to get to know what you want your tomorrow to look like!

Book your slot here:

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