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I joined the 5am club...

I joined the 5am club... To start my day ahead of everyone else, to have some time for myself, to enjoy a glass of lukewarm water, to meditate for at least 5 minutes, to do some yoga. You know, to set myself up for success.

But how I do stay in this club if my 3-year old decides to join the 3 am club? Standing by my bedside in the middle of the night, he asks me for an apple and a sandwich. He tries to describe to me his way too vivid dream where a cow is resting on our bedroom floor and a swarm of bees destroys our neighbours’ house!

I'm afraid I'm out of the club though

With that said, I’m afraid I’m out of the club now. Does it mean no more yoga, no time for myself, no success for me? Not really… I can still go with the flow and fit everything in flexibly. As long as I set an intention to make self-care a priority. . We often give up on it altogether as soon as an obstacle appears, but if we commit to taking care of ourselves, we can become conscious members of our lives for life...

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