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My ritual to start 2021

Polar bear plunge in the Baltic Sea at -15 C - my ritual to start 2021 meaningfully.

A few months back, it would have seemed like madness, but encouraged and accompanied by my amazing friends and family, I did it!

And what an exhilarating and liberating feeling it was to plunge into the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. To pluck up the courage and do something outside my comfort zone. To release all that no longer serves me and set an intention for the new year...

What is your ritual?

If you want your day to be organised, develop a routine. If you want your day to be meaningful, create rituals...

I had my inner voice tell me all the reasons why not to do it... Why get up at 5 am on a Sunday morning? Why drive in the snow without winter tyres!? Why freeze if I can sleep in under my warm duvet? But I still did it! I listened to my voice and thus drove carefully to make it to the seaside safe and sound. To witness the sunrise from the invigorating waters of the sea, feeling present and alive was so worth it.

Our inner voice is there to protect us, so do not ignore it, but do not let it stop you from doing what you love either.

What would be possible for you if there were no fear to have?

I look forward to helping you see beyond your perceived limitations so you can do what you've been meant to do. Drop me an email on and let's activate your potential.

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