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Ready for a podcast?

Tune in to this podcast about expat life, creative living, motherhood, inner voice, mindfulness, grief and more...

Have you ever thought about moving to live in another country? Maybe you live in a different country from the one you were born. There are around 66.2 million expats around the world and this number is growing exponentially. But as much as the expat life is one of adventure and new beginnings, it is also punctuated with displacement, redefining one's cultural identity, getting lost in translation and culture shock.

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"How do you create home away from home?" "How do you stay curious?" "Why is mindfulness your biggest expat learn?"

These were some of the questions Sarona Wolter from Hypewomen The Podcast posed. Sarona, an expat herself from South Africa, lives in Germany with her husband and two beautiful children. What a candid and heart-warming conversation it was... We talked about creative living, losing a loved one while abroad and making friends in a foreign country.

An expat myself, I help expats thrive abroad. My coaching skills have helped many expats unlock their potential while navigating life in a foreign country. What would be possible if you unleashed your full potential?

Did you know that there's no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential? If you have the courage to live your best life, book your free Discovery Session today:

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