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The small things in life...

Whether it's a morning walk, coffee chat with a friend, a yoga pose, a dance or whatever energises you, gives you your vigour and vitality back, make sure to put your self-care first.

What makes me happy?

A banal question, but not an easy one to answer...

However, if we don't know what makes us happy, we won't know how to take care of ourselves. Copying someone's rituals, routines, pick-me-ups might not work long term because we're all individuals with different needs. What relaxes me might bore you, what puts a broad smile on my face might tire you, what makes me jump for joy might put you off. You get the point :-)

Therefore make a list of all the things that invigorate you, energise you, exhilarate you, or a list of things that give you a feeling of content. Define what happiness is to you. What are its ingredients, FOR YOU and then go fill your life with them!

Get Inspired

If you're looking to get inspired to live life on your terms, I can help you shape your definition of happiness. Book your complimentary coaching discovery call here:

Can't wait to see you smile!

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