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Personal branding is an investment in YOU

Last week I offered a free webinar with @Expat Academy exploring all things #PersonalBranding, #Confidence, #Assertiveness and #PersonalStyle.

What do people say about you when you are not in the room?

“Personal branding is the story people tell about you when you're not in the room”

Personal branding is extremely relevant, especially now in the Age of the Individual. Our audience who joined our webinar demonstrated a lot if interest in the topic and asked many relevant questions. We had expats from the UK, US, Canada, Lebanon, Malaysia, Poland, Greece, Spain, India, Bulgaria, Portugal and the Netherlands contribute to our vibrant exchange.

Personal Branding is being yourself to the best of your ability

How can you be yourself to the best of your ability? What is special about you?

"Hmm... I’m good at some things but I’m not a fan of showing off." If this resonates with you, have you asked yourself what actually makes you YOU? Have you wondered how some people manage to communicate their brand in a confident way without coming across as arrogant?

Are you an expat getting by just fine, however you would not mind activating your full potential to see what is possible? If these questions intrigue you, then you MUST watch the recording of the PERSONAL BRANDING WEBINAR organised in collaboration with @Expat Academy.

We covered the following:

00:00 Introduction, reason why people joined the webinar

6:39 Why is Personal branding important?

9:06 What's Personal branding?

11:07 How do we create Personal brand?

14:43 How did I find my personal brand? What challenges did I encounter

17:30 How to turn talents into strengths?

21:17 Strengths versus insecurity

23:08 Confidence

25:15 Authenticity and personal branding

27:22 Personal branding and cultural differences

29:30 Feedback, how to treat it as a gift

31:22 Assertiveness vs passive and aggressive communication styles

33:40 Authentic vs curious about other styles, does it lead to a stronger brand?

35:53 Personal brand vs personal style and image

40:05 Personal brand at a job interview

42:46 Conclusions, take aways, learns, what resonated

45:06 How to take feedback?

46:00 Next step, recommendations, link to article on Personal branding

It's time to make a change

Now you know what is at stake when your Personal brand is not alive. There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential. Book your Free Discovery Session and let's unlock yours!

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