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What does THRIVE mean?

We visited the Malbork castle yesterday... The audio guide talked a lot about THRIVING and it caught my attention as THRIVE is my word of the year!

What does it actually mean to thrive?

According to Cambridge Dictionary you thrive when you: "grow or develop vigorously, prosper and flourish, become successful.”

Now the question expats ask me a lot is: how you can grow and prosper when you have just: - moved countries or moved house - changed jobs or are dying to do so - lost your job unexpectedly - broken up or are relentlessly looking for “the one” - have no close friends to turn to - lost your sense of purpose

How can you thrive when overwhelm and uncertainty is keeping you stuck, unable to take a step towards a happy, settled, balanced you?

You see others achieving what they planned, celebrating their successes one after the other.

And you're even struggling to admit that you're struggling. You have all the empathy and compassion for others, while the person who needs it most is actually you...

I hear you as I've been there myself

Moved countries 8 times. Moved house 29 times. Changed jobs numerous times. Broke up and looked for the one… I hear you as I’ve been working with expats for 20 years and unlocking their potential is now in my DNA.

And “just getting by” is not an option! We can all THRIVE no matter what. With this mission in mind, I created the THRIVE ABROAD program.

To unlock your talents is in my DNA.

What will happen after you've completed it?

- Replaced overwhelm and confusion with clarity - Got unstuck and chose the direction you want your life to take - Live your purpose based on your talents and strengths - Communicate your personal brand with confidence - Create your home away from home and never feel lonely again

If surviving is not an option, book your free Discovery Call and let's have you flourish!

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