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What you don't know about expats...

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

How did I decide to work with expats? I did not. It just so happened that when I looked back on my personal and professional life, 90% of the people I have encountered have been expats. The fact that I am a long-term expat myself and lived abroad for nearly 2 decades definitely explains a lot too.

In the 15 years of my work experience in Learning & Development, corporate training and Talent Management I have predominantly worked with expats and I have found it extremely rewarding. What I have observed is that even though they represented different company cultures, came from different countries on different continents, they have this one thing in common:

They are certainly an interesting and a dynamic bunch to work with. They are driven, highly -motivated and ambitious. They are people of many talents and passions. They are keen to go beyond their comfort zone. They know there is more to life and thus want to realise their full potential.

However what most people probably do not know about expats is that due to their very high expectations of themselves, of the new ‘home’, of the new job, they get stuck if things do not go according to plan. And because they believe that they should be able to figure it all out by themselves, they are embarrassed to acknowledge that they are struggling and too ashamed to reach out for help.

So what happens is they get overwhelmed, stressed, disappointed and confused as what to do next. And since admitting the hardship, the challenges would be seen as failure, at least in their eyes, they suffer in silence.

This is exactly why my EXPAT GROUP COACHING PROGRAM was born: so that expats do not struggle in silence, thinking that they should be able to cope with everything all alone.

So that expats, whatever their country of origin, whatever their current place of residence, whatever their background, whatever their situation, can learn to THRIVE RATHER THAN JUST GET BY, MANAGE OR SURVIVE.

What special about the Group Coaching?

It is a custom program designed especially for expats in mind who are keen to unlock their potential in the new normal and beyond:

  • 10 - week self-mastery program

  • weekly 90 - minute group coaching calls with an experienced coach who is committed to unleashing your hidden talents

  • bespoke tools and expert guidance

  • accountability partners to take inspired action

  • glocal exchange with other highly-motivated internationals

Why Thrive?

"Because the cost of not thriving is too high...", Judie, an attorney, an expat-to-be.

Thriving is when despite all the uncertainty and ambiguity, you are crystal clear about what you want and you are confident about how to achieve it. When you thrive, you have replaced overwhelm and confusion with meaning and direction.

You have strengthened your mental resilience so when struggling you know not just how to bounce back but how to bounce forward.

If you want to be in the driver's seat of your life and make the best of what you are best at, using your potential to turn challenges into opportunities, then my Thrive Group Coaching Program is for you.

Starting April the 6th for a period of 10 weeks you have an amazing opportunity to connect and grow with other like-minded expats who will not only support but inspire you to act!

Book your Discovery Session by clicking the link below and secure your spot today!

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