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Who can teach you 'noticing'?

We were at my sister’s yesterday… It was an “action-packed” afternoon with spa, hide & seek and pizza.

When we came home, it was quite late. Lyan’s always VERY reluctant to stop playing and go to bed. But much to my surprise, he put his pyjamas on, said “bonne nuit’ and marched to his room.

With his little pillow glued to his nose, he started reciting:

"It was a very good day!

I played,

I ran,

I jumped,

I chased Damian,

I had pizza…”

On hearing that I realised he was summarising his day. Listing all the good things that made his day special...

Soon after he was falling into a joyful sleep. He didn’t take a course on gratitude, mindfulness or journaling. However, he is my best teacher of noticing! How do you want to summarise your day when you go to bed tonight?

What will make your day special?

How will you fill your day with life today?

What will make your sleep restful tonight?

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